“Lotus International” e la rappresentazione fotografica dell’ambiente costruito (1983-1988)

Fabrizio Gitto (Independent scholar)


This essay analyzes the architectural journal “Lotus International” as a site of production, promotion, and display of a new photographic discourse on the built environment during the 1980s. Focusing on the years 1983-1988, special attention is given to the editorial choices of its director, Pierluigi Nicolin, and on a number of portfolios commissioned to key Italian photographers such as Luigi Ghirri, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Paolo Rosselli, and Paola De Pietri.

DOI: 10.4424/rsf2020-7


Lotus international; Architectural journal; Photography of architecture; Landscape; Ghirri, Luigi; Chiaramonte, Giovanni; Rosselli, Paolo; De Pietri, Paola.

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