La Mostra delle Ferrovie dello Stato all’Esposizione internazionale di Milano del 1906: un caso di studio per l’indagine sulla fotografia ferroviaria

Sara Zucchi (Università di Udine)


The Italian State Railways exhibition at the 1906 International Exposition in Milan offers an interesting case study of the peculiarities and meanings of 19th and early 20th century railway photography. Focusing on the exhibition’s catalogue and a corpus of 26 albums and portfolios gathered by engineer Giuseppe Oliva (1840-1912), this study analyses photography’s crucial role in the promotion of transport services – the journey by train – and the affirmation of an unprecedented landscape, in which the mechanical element progressively merged with a space once dominated by nature.

DOI: 10.4424/rsf2020-10


International exhibition 1906; Italian state railways; Exhibition set up; Railway photography; Photographic album; Oliva, Giuseppe.

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