Un fotoreporter per l’arte contemporanea: gli esordi romani di Plinio De Martiis (1950-1953)

Elisa Francesconi (Università Roma Tre)


The essay examines the early work of Plinio De Martiis as an independent photojournalist (1950-1952) and a member of the Collettivo Fotografi Associati in Rome (1952-1953), before he moved on to start his renowned art gallery La Tartaruga in 1954. Based on his photographic archive at the Archivio dello Stato di Latina and a collection of prints in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, this study offers a philological analysis and a deciphering of the photographer’s complex archival “system”, with particular attention to his collaboration with the weekly magazine “Il Mondo”, his portraits of Italian artist Mario Mafai, and a reportage on the Picasso exhibition held in Rome in 1953.

DOI: 10.4424/rsf2020-11


De Martiis, Plinio; Collettivo fotografi associati; Pablo picasso exhibition (1953); Rome; Art photography; Photojournalism; Photographic archive.

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