Morfologie fotografiche: modelli femminili e types humaines nella pedagogia artistica

Greta Plaitano (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera)


Focusing on Brera Academy of Fine Art’s Artistic Anatomy class, this article discusses two types of tools for photographic education: scientific manuals created for the artists and reviews of models. Both presented photographic images of naked human bodies (male and female) as a perfect académiques type, useful to learn the real morphology of nature. The combined analysis of these publications and their ambiguous history will show the intrinsic bond between the scientific discourse (and its gender stratagems) and the strategy of the medium to gain its place in the artistic domain.

DOI: 10.4424/rsf2021-4


Brera Academy of Fine Arts; Artist’s manuals; Artistic anatomy; Scientific photography; Chronophotography; Erotic photography; Milan; Paris.

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