Recupero di un mito, 1975: Eliseo Mattiacci e lo sguardo sull’altro

Pasquale Fameli (Università di Bologna)


This essay analyzes a particular phase of Mattiacci’s research focused on the American Indian culture in the attempt to trace influences and parallels in both the art and the visual culture of the mid-Seventies, also taking into consideration the centrality that the situation of Native Americans assumes in the imagery of the 1970s. Conducted through the most recent theoretical tools of visual anthropology and visual studies, the analysis of the two photographic cycles exhibited at L’Attico di Roma in 1975 aims to problematize the risks connected to the photographic representation of another culture, perpetuating narrative and iconographic stereotypes typical of a Western gaze.

DOI: 10.4424/rsf2021-7


Mattiacci, Eliseo; Myth; Anthropological art; Amerindians; Visual studies; Arte povera; Abate, Claudio; L’Attico.

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