Nello sguardo dell’incontro: teatro, paesaggio e natura nei racconti fotografici di Francesco Galli

Silvia Mei (Università di Foggia)


The article aims to conduct a preliminary survey of the relationship between nature and theatre in Francesco Galli’s photographic research. After graduating in architecture, Galli started working on ethnographic and sports reportages at the end of 1980s. Then, he devoted himself to theatre photography concurrently with his works on “landscape portraits”. By drawing from Galli’s systematic notes on his own activity, this inquiry explores the concept of invisibility, the potentialities of the gaze as foundational to encounters and relationships, and the documentary value of theatre images.

DOI: 10.4424/rsf2022-6


Ethnophotography; Stage photography; Theatre anthropology; Ponte dei venti; Teatronatura; Landscape; Gaze.

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